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Jessica’s Journey



I wanted to email you and first of all say THANK YOU!!!  I never would have been able to step on that stage had it not been for you!

You helped me transform my body but more importantly you helped me see the potential in myself and that I can achieve more than I ever thought.

This is my 1 year transformation with you!  The picture on the left was last May, the first picture I sent you.  Crazy how time goes by!

Yesterday I was so proud of myself for how far I’ve come and most of all that I have made this my lifestyle.  I’ve also been inspired to keep it up and see where I can push myself and take my body!

Thank you so much for all of your love and support!  You’re my inspiration on and off the stage!!

Magnificent Michelle!

When I met Jess at a bridal shower, I remember thinking that I could never do what she does in terms of fitness.  I thought that some people were just genetically gifted and get to look great.  I was also sure that I wouldn’t ever have the time to commit to the gym to look like that.  Boy was I wrong!  Anyone who is willing to dedicate themselves can achieve results beyond anything they think possible.  Jess taught me that!


Nowadays my colleagues, family and friends know me as a health and fitness enthusiast but not too long ago I was very unhealthy.  I paid little attention to nutrition — ok, no attention — and only went to the gym when I had time.  I finally got tired of feeling run down so I decided to make a change.  I started very small.  Instead of buying lunch at work I would bring in a Lean Cuisine.  I began exercising at least once a week.  My gym had Zumba which was fun but after a while I plateaued.  I knew I needed to do something else to reach my fitness goals and that’s why I contacted Jess.

I remember mentioning in my first email to Jess that I was thinking of competing.  I was nervous she would say that I couldn’t do it but Jess doesn’t know the word “can’t.”  Her energy and enthusiasm is contagious and just ten weeks after I started training with her I took the stage at the Shawn Ray Classic!  Jess’ coaching and nutritional guidance helped transform me.  I went from being in decent shape to the woman who gets stopped in the grocery store being asked how I got such great arms and abs.

Being on stage looking and feeling awesome was an amazing experience but the best part of the process with Jess was really learning my body and pushing it to it’s limit.  Today I incorporate lifting and cardio and make the time to cook homemade, healthy meals while balancing a demanding, corporate job. Jess’ positive energy and encouragement continue to help me maintain a healthy lifestyle.  Regardless of your personal goal, current situation or perceived roadblocks, working with Jess can help you reach your potential faster than you ever thought before


Aly’s amazing transformation

before and afterBefore I started training with Jessica, I battled going up and down 25 pounds over and over again.  I knew something had to change so I contacted Jessica to come up with a plan.  She customized a workout, cardio and nutrition plan for me to follow.  We also decided to meet every Tuesday morning at 6:00 am at Rockville Fitness and to stay in constant contact via emails and pictures.

I was surprised that I actually ran less than I had expected.  Instead we focused on eating right and lifting weights.  Cardio became more high intensity (HIIT training) than the long distance training I had become accustomed to before meeting Jess.  My workouts became much more fun too as we mixed things up versus just running all the time.  I never would have made these changes had I not contacted Jessica to be my personal trainer.

I truly love Jessica’s positive and caring approach.  And I’m so glad I don’t look like my “before” picture anymore!  Thanks Jess!

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