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IFBB Bikini Pro and Fitness Model


Candice the beautiful bride!

I started working with Jessica in 2013 shortly after I got engaged to my husband.  Two years later I’m still working with Jessica through her online plans and I couldn’t recommend her more!  2013-CandiceP

During my two year engagement, I spent a fair amount of time working on improving my health and achieving my fitness goals.  I had always been a person who was committed to the gym, but I lacked the real focus on my nutrition combined with a great workout plan.  While working with Jessica, she created individual fitness and nutrition plans that supported my goals.

Each month she would send me a new online plan and we communicated via emails and pictures constantly.  I was, and still continue to be, amazed at the creative variations of food and workouts in my monthly plans.  It’s never the same thing twice!



During these last two years, I have experienced positive changes in my body that I didn’t think were possible.  And when the countdown to my wedding began, Jess was right there and understood the stresses that come with preparing for the actual event while keeping an eye on the “finish line.”

With her experience in training and nutrition, I was able to meet my goals, feel great on my wedding day and honeymoon too!

Fabulous at 50!

It’s never too late to meet your fitness goals and to become as physically fit as you have always hoped to be.  Jessica is the perfect fitness trainer and certified nutritionist to help you do just that.

No-137At the age of 49, I knew I didn’t want to turn 50 without having exercise be an important part of my life.  I wanted to become healthier and more fit.  I turned 50 feeling better than I had in years and I have Jessica to thank.

When we first met, Jessica listened to me, understood my goals and crafted a customized exercise routine that fit my personal needs.  Of great importance to me in selecting a trainer is their understanding of the total body.  I have struggled with a bad back for many years and Jessica understands how to exercise around that issue — and to introduce exercises and stretching that has helped alleviate the problem.  She understands not only physical fitness but the intricacies of each muscle and how they work together better than anyone I have every worked with.  Then add in her nutrition expertise and you have the full package and the best possible fitness trainer!

I love trading recipes with Jessica and am grateful every day that she is a part of my life.

It’s never too late!

Brian’s Transformation

FullSizeRenderI have struggled with being overweight my entire life.  In elementary school I was always much heavier than the other kids and my weight just kept going up through my teen years and into adulthood.  At my heaviest I was probably 350 lbs.  With the onset of high blood pressure, back and knee problems I started to try and lose weight on my own and did have some success.  After many years of fad diets, unhealthy weight loss supplements, losing and then gaining weight back I got smart and reached out to Jessica.

Jessica gave me the fitness and nutrition tools I needed to go farther than I ever could have on my own.  Her expertise and constant encouragement has helped me get into the best shape of my life.  I cannot recommend her highly enough.  Thanks Jess!!!

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