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Congrats Katharine!


Most of my clients are not competitors.  It takes a level of bravery to jump on stage and to be judged in a bikini.  But I have trained several girls for bikini competitions and Katharine Vincent is my latest courageous competitor who rocked the stage.

2015-8-1-KatharineV-NJshow-bI couldn’t be more proud of Katharine after her first competition in the NPC Tri State Championship in New Jersey.  Katharine started training with me before the summer and we met weekly to get her physique ready.

Katharine religiously followed my nutrition and workout plan.  How do I know?  Because we kept in contact via emails with weekly progress pictures.  And every time we met I noticed her body toning up too!

During the past several months, we met weekly at the gym and went through intense workouts.  We also began to talk about some of the girlie stuff I love from suit choice, makeup, hair and more.  Since I competed for two years including two Miss Olympias and an Arnold Classic I know what to expect in these shows.

2015-7-25-KatharineV-a-mystudioPosing is a big part of bikini competitions.  Poise, style and confidence factor into the judging so Katharine and I began practicing posing the last several weeks.  On game day she couldn’t have looked better on stage.

This practice was also exciting for me because we got to use my HOME STUDIO for the first time just a week before the competition.  Here she is practicing her posing one week out from the competition.

In her very first competition, Katharine qualified for national NPC competitions!  I had a great time in New Jersey with her and I know she will continue to do better and better.  Congratulations Katharine!  I can’t wait to help you reach all of your goals.



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